Ball Dispenser Photoelectric Ball Count Sensor


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Replacement Photoelectric Ball Count Sensor

Suitable for: Range Servant Ultima Ball Dispensers

Unplug the dispenser from the power before attempting any inspection or works to the drive system. If your dispenser appears to be working but is short vending balls, then the first thing to check is the sensor. If the sensor cannot see, then it can't count. Check that the orange or green light on the front of the sensor is lit. This will tell you that it has power. Check that the red light at the rear or the sensor is able to bounce back off the shiny metal wall (you should see the red dot reflected). If in doubt, wipe the eye of the sensor with a clean cloth, and wipe the metal work where the red light hits it.

Note: We do not recommend that you attempt repair works yourself. Always use a qualified engineer. Call us today to book a service visit.

Range Servant part: 930218