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Range Servant Ultima Ball Dispensers

Featuring a "single ball" dispensing mechanism that counts the balls individually, you can count on the Ultima to dispense the right amount of balls every time. Combine this with superior electronic controls and the widest selection of payment methods and you have the most flexible and reliable ball dispenser today.

Range Servant Ultima 20 Golf Ball Dispenser



  • Capacities available from 8,000 to 45,000 balls
  • Vends three bucket sizes of any ball count
  • Ball quantity changes easily made
  • Photo-sensor counts each ball individually for exact vends every time
  • Accepts tokens, cash, digicards, SOLO and Select Lite payment systems
  • Stainless and galvanized steel, and aluminium construction
  • Easy and safe to load, integrates seamlessly into our ball management systems
All Range Servant Flat Top machines can be loaded from the front or back. Ball counts can be changed at any time by simply turning the dial. Since our ball dispensers are modular, they can be expanded and upgraded to larger models, or into cone top models to meet the need of a growing driving range. For example, an Ultima 8 can be expanded to an Ultima 12!



We count each and every ball as they leave the machine so we can dispense any ball count you need. Since our Golf Ball Dispensers have smart circuitry your small, medium, and large buckets can be absolutely any size. The possibilities are infinite.



Range owners everywhere know the goal is to sell Large Buckets. The Range Servant Ultima is the first golf ball dispenser that makes this easier. Since we can dispense any quantity of balls, your Smalls, Mediums and Larges can be any size. This allows you to encourage your customers to Go Large!

  • Give more "bonus balls" so you can charge more for Large Buckets
  • Make your "Large" irresistible by giving more balls without giving a bigger discount
  • Set the machine to make all of your buckets look full but make your large look the best



Range Servant Ultima 8 Golf Ball Dispenser

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