Range Servant Ultima Ball Dispensers

With the Range Servant Ultima series, you are getting without doubt the finest golf ball dispenser available today.

Range Servant Ultima 20 Golf Ball Dispenser

An extremely versatile unit in terms of integration into POS systems, endlessly upgradable, and made to last by Range Servant, the world leaders in quality, reliability and innovation. The Ultima range of golf ball dispensers are the only choice for the busiest ranges in the world.

The single ball dispensing mechanism counts each ball individually, ensuring correct vends every time.

The true beauty of a Range Servant system is that they are modular and can grow organically with your range. Over time, this dispenser can be integrated into a full ball management system, whereby the operator simply empties the pick run of balls into the wash system, and they are washed, sorted and transported effortlessly to the dispenser without any manual intervention. These are the kind of features that save you time and labour every single day.

Key Features
  • Capacities available from 8,000 to 45,000 balls
  • Multiple basket sizes available, set to any quantity, easily re-programmed
  • Exact ball count per vend
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised components for good looks and longevity
  • Comes complete with token acceptor and 500 tokens
  • Compatible with members card, credit card and QR ticket systems

The Infinity Belt

We count each and every ball as they leave the machine so we can dispense any ball count you need. Our golf ball dispensers have smart circuitry, enabling up to SIX basket sizes of absolutely any size. The possibilities are infinite.


Range Servant Ultima 8 Golf Ball Dispenser

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