Range Servant Ultima Combi Ball Dispensers

The Ultima Combi is the ALL-IN-ONE ball dispenser, complete with internal washer and ball elevator.


With a footprint of just over one square metre, the Ultima Combi is space efficient and cost effective. This dispenser holds a capacity of 14,000 balls, which makes it the perfect fit where space is limited or there is no washroom. The internal ball washer and elevator reduce labour to a single easy step, and it is designed to be easily accessed and maintained.

Just like Range Servant's other user friendly ball dispensers, the Ultima Combi gives the paying customer the exact amount golf balls, quickly and quietly. The wash and dispensing cycle is gentle on your ball inventory. Any payment system can be used and the amount of balls per payment is easily changed.

  • Aluminium, stainless and galvanized steel construction
  • Quietest machine on the market
  • Smart Circuitry for maximum flexibility
  • Three easy to program bucket size options of any ball count
  • Photo-sensor counts each ball individually for exact vends
  • Tokens, cash, range cards, e-keys, and credit cards

Washing capacity 12,000 balls per hour
Storage capacity 14,000 balls
Dimensions W1010mm x D1010mm x H2165mm

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