Range Servant Pickers Light Multiflex

Range Servant golf ball collectors are the only pickers truly designed to handle the demanding work at busy driving ranges.

  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 gang configurations, modular design allows for expansion
  • Fully rust-resistant aluminium and steel construction for strength and longevity
  • In-line design allows for reversing (no jack-knifing)
  • Pneumatic tires for smooth stable ride
  • Adaptable to any cart or vehicle
  • Multiple flex points to cope with varied terrain
  • Highest ball capacities in the industry, 1,600 to 4,000 balls, saving time and labour every single day

Multiflex Discs

Our unique Multiflex Discs set the industry standard for durability and picking ability. See for yourself why many of our longtime customers have never broken a disc.

  • Smaller in diameter - they do not warp
  • Thicker to absorb shock - they do not crack
  • UV Treated - they remain flexible in heat & cold
  • Unique fins grab balls from holes and long grass


Range Servant Ball Pickers hold more golf balls.

  • Pick less often
  • Pick faster
  • Reduce labour
2 gang - 1,600 balls -   4 baskets - 1680mm wide
3 gang - 2,400 balls -   6 baskets - 2540mm wide
4 gang - 3,200 balls -   8 baskets - 3380mm wide
5 gang - 4,000 balls - 10 baskets - 4240mm wide
6 gang - 4,800 balls - 12 baskets - 5081mm wide



Range Servant Golf Ball Pickers are the only pickers truly designed to take the abuse at busy driving ranges. Built to last with fully rust-resistant aluminium and steel construction, our Light Golf Ball Collectors stand up to wear from heavy use and mother nature.

  • Fully rust-resistant aluminium and steel
  • Thick polyurethane discs
  • Robust castor and pneumatic wheels
  • High-Impact plastic baskets

In-Line Design

Our in line design and its single pivot point A Frame allows for 360° of manoeuvrability in forward and reverse. Each gang pivots individually left and right, forwards and backwards, to roll smoothly over varied terrain.

This well balanced set up enables a cleaner sweep of balls on each run, and our pickers do not miss balls in turns!

Our pickers pivot a complete 180° when reversing. No jack-knifing. No gang collisions.
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