Loading 30,000 balls into your dispenser every hour, the Range Servant Elevator can be seen at the busiest ranges all over the world.

The Range Servant Elevator is available in four standard lengths and can also be customized to fit your bespoke requirements.

Our golf ball elevator is the smartest way to reduce labour, streamline your ball handling and clean up your wash room area. Easily activated by the push of a button, it eliminates the back breaking task of manually loading balls into your ball dispenser. Equipped with smart controls, it can synchronise with any ball washer: turn on the elevator and the washer comes on too. An intelligent sensor system recognises when the dispenser is full and shuts the elevator and washer down, avoiding over filling. The jam proof design means no babysitting is necessary, simply load up your pick run of balls then head out for more, leaving the hard work to us.

Constructed of rust-proof aluminium and stainless steel, with no failure prone bearings or couplings, means maintenance is negligible. A truly labour saving device, allowing you and your staff to spend their time more profitably with customers.

  • Effortlessly transports 500 balls per minute.
  • Robust aluminium and stainless steel construction for a rust free long life.
  • Direct drive motor for reliability.
  • Custom built on request.
  • Automatic Overfill Protection to prevent overloading of the dispenser.
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