Loading 600 balls per minute into your dispenser, the Amtech Range ELEVATOR series will save hours of time every day. No more babysitting the wash cycle. No more manual loading of the dispenser.

Automating the process of loading fresh balls from the washer to the dispenser will provide massive efficiencies, reducing your duties to merely picking the balls and dumping them in the washer. The machines will wash them and load them ready for your customers, and power themselves down when they have finished.

The ELEVATOR series is available in three standard lengths, but can also be customized to fit your bespoke requirements.

RA-EL4000 1.4m for flat top dispensers (8, 15)

RA-EL4002 2.1m for pyramid top dispensers (12, 19, 20, 45)

RA-EL4003 2.3m for hopper systems

RA-EL4000 Amtech Range ELEVATOR Control Box
  • Easily activated by the push of a button
  • Effortlessly transports 600 balls per minute, eliminating the back breaking task of manually loading balls into your ball dispenser
  • Synchronise with any ball washer via ultra safe commando connections: one button to start/stop the elevator and washer
  • Automatic overfill protection powers down elevator and washer when dispenser is full
  • Zinc plated steel construction for a rust free long life
  • Easy access adjusters to correct belt tension
  • All spares completely compatible with Range Servant elevators
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