Blower Systems

Range Servant

Range Servant ball blower systems for the golf driving range, automatically transporting balls from the washroom to the dispenser, saving time and work every day.

If you have a large range with multiple dispensers in various locations, or if your range has a ball washing room far away from your golf ball dispenser, then look no further. The Range Servant Blower System is the automation solution for you. With almost limitless flexibility the RS Blower, at 500 balls per minute, can quickly and reliably fill one or several golf ball dispensers straight from the washer at the touch of a button.

Designed to minimise labour and isolate ball washing to a remote area, the RS Blower makes your range efficient, clean and safe. When filling more than one golf ball dispenser, our Manifold Diverter automatically directs golf balls to the dispenser that needs them. When a dispenser is full, the system quietly shuts itself down to prevent overloading or ball jams.

  • Robust and rust proof stainless steel and aluminium construction
  • Automatic overfill protection
  • 30,000 balls per hour
  • Feeds one or multiple dispensers
  • Synchronises to washer function