Range Servant Presoaker 4000

Designed with mud season in mind, our Presoaker 4000 loosens deeply embedded and caked-on dirt before the balls are lifted by the elevator into the BT1950 or BT1300 ball washer.
Range Servant Presoaker 4000 golf ball prewash for the driving range
The Winter Mudbuster

The Presoaker 4000 from Range Servant is easily loaded, the 70 gallon tank holds up to 4,000 balls. Once soaked, golf balls are elevated by an adjustable-speed belt that can be dialled to match any ball washer on the market. The belt is perforated so dirty water stays in the tank and only well-prepared golf balls are loaded into the ball washer for rinsing. The presoaker improves the appearance and longevity of your ball stock, and eases the workload on your washer through the Great British winter.

The Pre-Soaker 4000 sits on heavy-duty lockable castor wheels so it is easily rolled into place and can be moved for cleaning and maintenance. No tools are required to lift out all inside components so deep cleaning is easy to fit into your maintenance schedule.

Range Servant Presoaker 4000 ball agitation bath


Key Features
  • Rust proof stainless and aluminium elevator for years of rust-free functionality.
  • Perforated belt design keeps water in the bin and the balls on the belt.
  • Speed control belt drive adjustable to feed any ball washer.
  • Removable interior grid system allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Durable Polymer 4,000 ball capacity bin processes 20,000 balls per hour
An Unbeatable Pair

Range Servant Presoaker 4000 feeding BT1950 Ball Washer

The Presoaker 4000 fits perfectly with the Range Servant BT1950 and BT1300 ball washers to deliver an unbeatable ball cleaning operation. Runs on auto pilot, so you can dump your pick run into the hopper, hit the button, and go and do something else, leaving the hard work to us.


Length: 160cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 121cm

Weight 100kg

Product: WIM0004

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