FAT-MAT Systems

Amtech Range brings you the daddy of mat keepers, the perfect frame for your golf range practice mat.
Tough. Gorgeous. Fat.

Our FAT-MAT frames look stunning and improve the aesthetic of your bays, while simultaneously maintaining a stable and high quality play experience that your customers will appreciate. The well-loved, heavy duty rubber crumb frame is designed to further improve the suspension characteristics of the mat, reducing shock through the players wrists and arms.

As if that wasn't enough, we have also developed the FAT-MAT system to allow the addition of separate strike mats. This offers your customers the choice of playing from the standard range mat for repeated muscle memory shots, or from the ultra realistic tee turf strike mat for an unparalleled real grass feel, lovely for iron and wedge work.

In short, you get the reassuring heavy weight stability of a rubber crumb frame, with the added strike mat options of modern modular systems, except far tougher and at a much more affordable price. The sheer quality, robustness and longevity you will get from a FAT-MAT system makes it the best value for money option on the market.

Choose from the products below to make up your FAT-MAT system.