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Barber Poles 2.4m Tall x 10cm Diameter

A great way to add bright, clearly visible targets to your driving range. Our new striped barber poles also provide the basis of your targeting system for golf range gaming technologies such as InRange or Toptracer, making for a much more visible and weather hardy system than flags.

Barber Poles 2.4m x 10cm

Made from FSC sourced timber, vacuum treated for protection against moisture and insects, then coated in preserver, an undercoat of marine grade primer, and topped off with marine grade gloss for a stunning finish. This super tough target post is recyclable or compostable at the end of its life, and does not add to the plastic problem.

  • 2.4m tall x 10cm diameter.
  • Super sturdy timber construction with four-layer protection against the elements.
  • White and coloured stripes, many colours available.
  • Reflective strip hidden in the top white band, for an excellent night golf experience and for laser distance measuring.
  • Concrete into place for maximum stability.

Note: Barber poles are painted to order so please allow up to two weeks lead time. Please email or telephone your enquiry so we can quote an accurate carriage cost.

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