O:Range Lite

The amazing O:Range Lite payment system. Based on our ground breaking O:Range cloud platform, and offering all the convenient customer service benefits of contactless member top up cards and QR ticket sales, with online account management via our web portal.
Easy to use, easy to manage, no stress or anxiety. Total reliability, maximum security. All the features you want, no overcomplicated bloat. Use only the features that suit your business. The perfect power tool to manage your ball sales, the backbone of your range business.

O:Range Lite

Suitable for: Amtech Range PRO Series and Range Servant Ultima ball dispensers

O:Range comes as standard in our PRO Series dispensers, but can also open up a wealth of features to update your tired old Range Servant dispenser.


A super-simple, single touch vend system. To release an exact vend of balls, simply present a QR ticket or members card, or access the O:Range Paystation app on a smartphone.

O:Range Lite Door
AT THE POINT OF SALE: Portable Handheld POS

An ultra-convenient handheld unit for topping up members cards and generating QR tickets. Allows sales from anywhere on site via your WiFi network: the pro-shop, the café, even at the bay, meaning you are no longer tied to a fixed-point computer.

O:Range POS Handheld
FOR THE BACK OFFICE MANAGER: System Management Portal

A simple to use web-based customer account interface. Accessed from anywhere in the world on any PC, iPad, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, etc. Enables enquiries and reporting, setting of prices and ball quantities, and account management.

  • Completely secure customer data
  • Constantly backed up
  • Accessible from anywhere, on any internet connected device
  • Fully managed by our support team
O:Range Cloud Platform
  • Ideal for casual customers and one off basket sales
  • Up to four basket sizes available, immediately opening up more options for your customers
  • Ticket voided after use to avoid duplication
  • Contactless, for simplicity of use and absolute reliability
  • No mechanism to clean or calibrate, no expensive tokens to replenish

  • Put cash in your till today for future play, generating instant cashflow and customer loyalty
  • Contactless for maximum reliability
  • Each card is printed with your own personalised artwork, serving as an advert in every customer’s wallet to play more golf!
  • Ultra-secure, each card is security locked to your system - no other card will work at your venue
O:Range Cards
  • Using the O:Range Paystation app, customers can easily choose a one off basket size and pay securely direct from their phone, all in a couple of seconds
  • Members can top up their card account from the app, with access to the same great deals available in the shop
  • Securely stores credit card details, and accepts Applepay and Googlepay, for complete customer convenience.
  • Allows for an unmanned range, extra opening hours, less traffic in the shop and less reliance on staff time for ball sales
  • Very low bank charge rate, funds received directly into your bank. Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly cash downloads.
O:Range Lite Paystation App
  • Up to FOUR basket sizes available, vend quantities and prices easily set
  • More options to suit your customers, from a 10 ball warm up basket to a 100 ball full hour practice session
  • Set better prices per ball as basket sizes increase, tempting your customers to go large

  • Set up "hotkeys" on your handheld screen with your favourite price lines, e.g. add £50, add £100
  • Program special offers to encourage larger top up spend. e.g. pay £100, get £120 of credit
  • Set up STAFF CARDS to securely give your teaching staff a limited number of free baskets per day for lessons with complete traceability

O:Range Handheld POS Buttons

  • Dispenser must be connected to the internet, either with a Cat 6 LAN cable, a reliable WiFi bridge or our optional 4G router
  • Handheld POS device must be connected to the internet, either via WiFi or a data SIM card
  • You will also need an internet enabled device to access your online management portal

Traditionally, payment systems have always required an expensive upfront investment, but offer limited on-going support. After talking to many customers, we want to change that to suit the needs of a modern driving range.

We offer O:Range Lite for a tiny upfront cost, just enough to cover the installation. Then, for a small monthly subscription, we offer you an unparalleled level of support:
  • Unlimited cloud space for safe and secure storage of your customer data. This is a massive insurance against data loss or corruption, with the convenience of full automation: no messing about with discs or USB sticks
  • Access to all software updates, new features and improvements as they are released. This offers constant future proofing, with a system that evolves over the years as new technologies emerge
  • Warranty on all parts, covering operational failure (not neglect or vandalism). No more nasty surprise bills for unexpected repairs.
  • Access to free support, via chat message, email, phone call, video call, or if necessary engineer call out.


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