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Nayax Credit Card Payment System

Nayax Credit Card Payment System

Available for all new Range Servant golf ball dispensers, and as a retro fit upgrade to most existing dispensers, the Nayax credit card system is set to revolutionise the driving range.

The Nayax system works via a swipe down side slot for older style debit and credit cards, it allows contactless payment, and is already set for smart phone payment, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Payment at the dispenser via a debit or credit card allows you to vend golf balls without needing to pay a member of staff to stand behind a till. This frees you up for more useful activity, saves on staff costs, and allow you to stay open later without manning the pro shop.

• Customers will no longer have to mess about with PIN tickets
• No more fumbling for the correct change
• No more risk involved with a cash based system
• Makes buying an extra basket of balls more convenient and therefore tempting for your customers
• Future proof technology allows you to keep pace with changing payment methods

Ask us how Nayax can be the be the future of your business.

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