Nayax Onyx Credit Card Payment System

Nayax Onyx Contactless Credit Card Acceptor Golf Driving Range Ball Dispenser
Available for all new golf ball dispensers, and as a retro fit upgrade to most existing dispensers

Offering convenient, contactless payment directly through your dispenser, the Nayax credit card system is revolutionising the golf range. The Onyx is the flagship unit, allowing contactless payment via debit or credit card, and smartphones and wearables, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. It comprises of a full colour touchscreen with simple to understand instructions, and allows up to six basket size options, depending on your dispenser.

Payment at the dispenser is far more convenient for your customer, and means less unnecessary traffic and congestion around your till. This frees up your time for more useful activity, saves on staff costs, and allows you to stay open later without manning the pro shop.

• Customers will no longer have to mess about with PIN tickets
• No more fumbling for the correct change
• No security risk involved as with a cash based system
• Makes buying an extra basket of balls more convenient and tempting
• Future proof technology allows you to keep pace with changing payment methods

The Nayax reader works via 2G/3G/4G mobile signal, which has almost universal coverage in the UK. It can also be connected to your LAN via an ethernet cable, if signal in your area is particularly poor. This connectivity is used to transmit all the payments, and also for any software updates to the Nayax reader, keeping your transactions safe, secure and reliable.

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Nayax Onyx Contactless Credit Card Acceptor Golf Range Ball Dispenser

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