Ball Washer ULTRA

Ball Cleaning Unsurpassed.

New from Amtech Range, the ULTRA golf range ball washer is the ultimate washing tool for driving ranges of any size.

RA-BW2000 Amtech Range ULTRA Golf Driving Range Ball Washer

  • First class industry leading ball cleaning
  • 30,000 balls per hour capacity
  • 100% of brush used on every ball, providing over 5 metres of 360° cleaning action
  • Gentle ball contact to avoid scuffing the shine off balls, thereby extending ball life
  • Powerful direct drive motor for outstanding reliability
  • No track system allows for jam proof operation
  • Fresh water feed pre-spray and main jet-wash
  • Fully zinc plated for outstanding longevity
  • Feeds balls directly into the Amtech Range Elevator for fully integrated one touch loading
  • Fully supported by our nationwide team of engineers and a huge stock of spares and consumables, for your absolute peace of mind

RA-BW2000 Amtech Range Golf Range ULTRA Ball Washer Brush Detail


Using centrifugal force, the ULTRA ball washer uses 100% of the brush. With no track system, ball jams are eliminated and debris is simply washed out of the waste outlet. Brush life is also markedly increased.


Our direct drive design eliminates all problems associated with belts and pulleys.

  • 3/4Hp motor is the strongest in golf
  • High torque motor eliminates jamming
  • No belts or pulleys to slip or break
  • No adjustments or alignment needed

RA-BW2000 Amtech Range Golf Range ULTRA Ball Washer Agitator Detail


The ULTRA is a self feeding washer. The agitator system guides balls into the washer at a constant rate. Simply pour your pick run of muddy balls into the loading tray, and let the washer deliver sparkling clean balls to your dispenser.

  • No baby sitting needed
  • Frees up staff time for more productive activities

RA-BW2000 Amtech Range Golf Driving Range Ball Washer ULTRA


The ULTRA features a pre-spray blast of fresh water, followed by an intense concentrated jet of water while scrubbing the range balls.

  • Cleans balls without destroying surlyn cover
  • Fresh water means no more smelly ball room
RA-BW2000 Amtech Range Golf Range ULTRA Ball Washer Loading Hopper Detail
  • Standard 1,000 ball capacity
  • XL 3,000 ball capacity
  • Turbojet prewash

Part: RA-BW2000

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