Bay Heaters

Where will your customers play this winter?

Always striving to bring you innovative new products and cost savings, Amtech Range bring you the latest quartz infra red bay heater for the ultimate in customer comfort and heating efficiency.

If there is one thing your customers appreciate, it is a heated bay on those cold winter nights. Being able to practice in comfort is enough to make a
customer choose one range over another. Are you ready for winter?

· 2kW quartz infra red heater
· IP24 water proof
· Cast aluminium protective casing
· Steel guard protecting filaments
· Touch timer control programmable from 2 to 20 minutes
· Environmentally friendly zero direct CO2 emissions

Previously, bay heaters have always been power thirsty and expensive to run. With this in mind, Amtech Range have put together an effective and efficient solution at the right price. Using quartz infra red filaments, heat is instant so no energy is wasted in warming up. Infra red heat is radiated in straight lines, just like light, so the effect is not blown away in the wind. The cast aluminium extrusion body is lightweight yet robust, and corrosion proof. A steel safety guard protects the filaments from stray shots. Both the heater and the control switch are IP rated for water protection, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Ideally the heater should be situated above the golfers back, which provides the greatest body surface area to absorb heat, helping to keep your customer warmer. It should be mounted minimum 2 metres from the floor (although bear in mind the swing of the club head) and at least 0.5 metres from the ceiling. The quartz infra red filament will give approximately 7,000 hours of heat and is easily replaceable.