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Range Mat Pro Turf Teaching Mat (150 x 150)

Part Number: RM50580


A premium quality range mat with teaching markings. The perfect coaching aid, for both teaching professionals and home studios.

Our Teaching Mat develops the first class qualities of our mat collection, and brings a few extra features, specifically to improve the practice experience for golfers that are new to the game and looking to develop their basic technique. The 12mm turf layer allows you to get underneath the ball when working with your irons; the thicker 20mm foam base provides even more shock absorption and protection for the wrists, for those player who might cut it a bit fat with slightly more frequency.

  • A hard working, durable mat, providing a very forgiving surface that is popular with many teaching professionals at busy driving ranges and coaching studios.
  • Grass layer constructed from polymides on a double layer polyester scrim, to make a robust playing surface, designed to last at the busiest of driving ranges.
  • The shock absorbing pad offers a more realistic "grass" feel for a more comfortable swing experience.
  • The cushion pad system combined with a knitted fabric and tough nylon grass blade is designed specifically to absorb club head shock.
  • Four reinforced tee holes, one on each edge, to allow 90° rotation.
  • Suitable for locating directly onto the bay floor, or into one of our classic anti shock frames.
  • Size: 150cm x 150cm x 35mm (20mm foam base, 3mm polyester scrim, 12mm turf)

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