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The ultimate in outfield lighting, the LED MAX is the only light on the market designed specifically for the needs of the driving range.

LED MAX Range Light Beam Angles

Taking into account the flight behaviour of the ball, the particular requirements of golf range gaming technologies such as Inrange, Trackman or Toptracer, and the economy and reliability of LED lighting, Amtech Range can now exclusively offer you the ultimate in driving range lighting.

Ideal for any range facility, big or small, single or multi storey. The LED MAX light allows you to stay open for longer through the winter nights, increasing ball sales and coaching revenue, and maximising your income potential from your gaming system.

With 11 rows of high efficiency LEDs, each LED MAX unit has a total of 308 light emitting diodes, illuminating your outfield with crisp, white daylight. The focussed beams and integrated cowl minimise light pollution.

Compared to old metal halide and sodium lights, you will get phenomenal improvement in the quality of light, greatly improved distance, improved reliability, instant on/off light, and a massive reduction in power usage, which will reduce running costs considerably year on year.

Tested for a full year on a busy 28 bay Toptracer range, we are confident that our LED MAX is the ultimate lighting solution that the industry has been waiting for.


Beam Angles:
LED MAX golf driving range outfield light tilted beams
The only light on the market that was designed by golfers, specifically for the golf range. The LED MAX is a three in one solution:
  • 7 rows at 11° for exceptional long distance penetration, allowing visual tracking of the ball to over 300 yards.
  • 2 rows at 40° to pick up the highest point of the ball flight arc, and to blend light channels, avoiding dark patches.
  • 2 rows at 90° with tilt option, for unparalleled short game illumination, and to eliminate shadow issues at multi storey ranges.
LED MAX Range Light Intelligent Beam Angle MIx


What's in the Box?
  • 1 x LED MAX 700w light unit.
  • 1 x super tough, height and angle adjustable, aluminium mounting bracket, suitable for roof mounting or on to existing T stands.
  • Nuts, bolts and washers for convenient fixing.
  • Connect directly to your 110/230v 13A single phase supply for easy installation.


  • Power: 700w
  • Power Input: 90 to 295 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Working Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Lumens: 105,000
  • Power Supply: Integrated Mean Well
  • Dimensions: 607x440x208mm
  • Weight: 16.3kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Adlington Golf Centre LED MAX Range Lights

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