SOLO Contactless Members Card System

SOLO is the latest payment system for all Range Servant ball dispensers. Using the most advanced contactless tag technology for trouble free and durable operation. The multi-language administration software is both simple to use and rich in functionality offering total control over pricing and account information.

The SOLO software is the graphical user interface used by the cashier for managing customer accounts, topping up SOLO cards and reprogramming the supervisor tags. The SOLO software also generates an event log and sales reports. The software sits on a laptop or PC that uses the Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating systems.

The SOLO cards are MiFare© contactless cards used to dispense balls. Each SOLO card is encrypted with a unique code and locked to your dispenser only. There is no magnetic strip to damage, no slot to collect dirt, water or debris, and no moving parts to wear out.

There are two versions of SOLO: 1 and 2, with different features depending on your requirements.


SOLO 1 does the same job as the familiar digicard system, only better. Ideal if only one basket size is required. The customers card is topped with credits at the till and uses up one credit per vend, just like a digicard, except SOLO cards are infinitely reusable, look far more professional, reliability is very much improved, and you have the ability to capture customers’ contact information for your marketing purposes.

SOLO 2 has significantly more options and features. Most noticeable is that three basket sizes are available to the customer: small, medium and large. The card is topped up with a monetary value, as opposed to a number of credits, and the appropriate amount of money is deducted depending on the basket size chosen. The small basket could be used, for example, as a 10 ball warm up basket for players about to hit the greens. This drives more customers to the range, it adds to the great golf service that you can deliver, and you can charge say £1 a time that you were not earning previously. The medium basket can be set to say 30 balls for £3, and the large basket to say 60 balls for £5, always tempting the customer to ‘go large’ and spend more money. The exact quantities and prices are entirely up to you, you can change them as often as you like. SOLO 2 also offers a wealth of analysis data on customer activity, footfall, peaks, troughs, allowing you to see the results of your promotional activity and to anticipate your customer traffic increases around bank holidays, warm summer nights and major televised tournaments.

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