Tee Turf Studio Hitting Mat (150 x 30)


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Tee Turf Studio Hitting Mat for use in coaching studios and home simulators.

The Studio hitting mat has been introduced to offer interchangable hitting mat features for the home simulator and coaching studio, offering the golfer a variety of experiences for practicing different shots. Used in conjunction with a 150 x 150cm Quad Tech stance mat, this separate strike area provides the ultimate experience: a premium quality short turf range mat for lengthy muscle-memory practice sessions, combined with a tee turf hitting strip for ultra-realistic feedback.

The Winter Tee Turf is a high quality deep pile strike mat.

With it's ultra realistic features, this is the strike mat of choice for golf professionals and low handicappers everywhere. The deep pile allows teeing up for a driver, and the thick grass surface simulates realistic fairway iron work. Slightly less forgiving than our other mats, this mat will encourage accuracy and consistency, and will generate less club head bounce.

This mat is very popular with home studio and simulator systems.

  • Will accept a wooden or plastic tee for drivers
  • Holds up the ball nicely for irons
  • Can also be used in home studio and simulator systems
  • Suitable for locating directly onto the ground, no frame required
  • Size: 150cm x 30cm x 35mm (10mm thick foam, 25mm turf)