Range Mat Winter Tee Up Turf (150 x 150)


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A high quality deep pile driving range mat, suitable for use as a winter tee off area on the golf course.

With its ultra realistic features, this is the practice mat of choice for golf professionals and low handicappers everywhere. The deep pile allows teeing up for a driver, and the thick grass surface simulates realistic fairway iron work. Slightly less forgiving than our other mats, this mat will make you work, it will provide feedback on those fat shots, encouraging accuracy and consistency, and generating less club head bounce.

This mat is also very popular with home studio and simulator systems.

The Winter Tee Up is equally at home on the course or par 3 during the winter months to avoid golfers having to play out of muddy tee boxes. Simply lay down a sand base to aid levelling and drainage, and place the Winter Tee Turf mat on top to provide an excellent artificial tee area with a realistic feel.

  • Will accept a wooden or plastic tee for drivers
  • Holds up the ball nicely for irons
  • Makes an excellent winter tee area system to avoid playing out of mud
  • Can also be used on the range
  • Suitable for locating directly onto the ground, or into our classic anti-shock frame bases
  • For winter tee use, we recommend placing onto a sand base to aid drainage
  • Size: 150cm x 150cm x 35mm (10mm thick foam, 25mm turf)
  • Net weight: 17.5kg

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