Digicard Reader CCR2 230v


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Replacement digicard reader, CCR2 230v.

This is the original, patented digicard technology by RAM Systems. Suitable for many Range Servant dispensers. In case of replacement, see the yellow sticker on your current reader for your voltage requirement. If in doubt, please ask.

The digicard payment system provides a cheap yet reliable way to vend range balls, with obvious security benefits over a cash based vend system which means the dispenser does not have to be manned all day. The reader accepts paper cards (credit card sized) which are available in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 15 and 20 credits. This allows you to vary your pricing structure and also aid cashflow by selling in advance of play.

The reader is programmed with a hexadecimal code, which is matched by a code programmed into each digicard on a magnetic strip. This security measure prevents customers using cards that were purchased elsewhere to obtain free play on your range. The reader requires a minimum of maintenance, just a head clean every month or so. Please note, these systems utilise an opto sensor to read the card. The sensor is susceptible to dust, moisture, pollen, grease, and if this is allowed to build up unchecked then the reader will go "blind" and reject the cards.