Ball Picker Multiflex Assembly Rod External with Nuts M6 x 757mm


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Replacement disc roller assembly rod external with nuts M6 x 757mm

Suitable for: Range Servant Multiflex Ball Picker

This is the threaded rod that extends through the end flange, NOT the smooth rod that is completely internal.

Tools required: 2 x 10mm sockets

To replace a rod, only remove and replace one rod at a time to avoid your roller losing shape. Remove the Nyloc nut and spring washer of your new rod. Thread the rod through the disc roller until the end is exposed through the end flange. Replace the spring washer on the exposed rod end, and attach the Nyloc nut. CAUTION: only tighten the Nyloc nut finger tight. Overtightening will cause your roller to distort and the rods to warp, which will greatly affect the efficiency of your picker.

Note: We do not recommend that you attempt repair works yourself. Always use a qualified engineer. Call us today to book a service visit.

Range Servant part: PDM0097