Ball Dispenser Ultima KVM Motor J9 ZFG 1/50


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Replacement KVM Motor J9 ZFG 1/50

Suitable for the Range Servant Ultima ball dispenser

The original Ultima Dispenser motor from Yaskawa was discontinued by the manufacturer in 2021 and is no longer available. For our latest version see here.

Range Servant have replaced it with a substitute motor, but this has proven unsuitable, underpowered and unreliable. If you have a Range Servant Ultima ball dispenser from 2021 onwards, you may be suffering from:

  • slow running motor
  • motor seizure
  • collapsed gearbox
  • failed vends
  • ball miscounts
  • balls bunching up on the vibration plate but not dropping onto the belt

Fear not, Amtech Range have engineered the perfect motor solution. We have been rolling it out across our Ultima dispenser customers with 100% success. We can now provide a sharper kickstart to get those balls moving, and a faster vend cycle. Vending issues: RESOLVED. Reliability issues: RESOLVED. Outrageous pricing: RESOLVED.

A simple, economical upgrade will transform your dispenser via one engineer visit. Don't struggle, get in touch or see here for details. Our Complete Motor Kit upgrade will give your dispenser the beating heart it deserves for many more years of faithful and reliable service. No more short vends, no more customer complaints, no more stress.

Note: We do not recommend that you attempt repair works yourself. Always use a qualified engineer. Call us today to book a service visit.