Select Lite Touchscreen System

Upgrade to the latest touch screen technology for your new or existing Range Servant dispenser.

Barcode Payment Tickets

Customers love our daylight readable 8.4 inch touch screen with extra large icons. Select Lite gives your dispenser the pioneering Range Servant barcode payment system, whereby a one off barcode ticket is printed at the point of sale, which is then scanned by the dispenser to vend the exact number of balls paid for. For the customer this means no need to fumble for spectacles to read a tiny PIN numbers, no need to punch in codes, no risk of making a mistake. There are no moving parts which makes for great reliability, and the barcode receipts can be configured for any number of balls.

Mifare/Magtek Customer Loyalty Cards

For the regular customer there is the membership card system. A unique numbered card is linked to customers account in your Select Lite software, which is topped up at the till and spent at the dispenser. Not only does the membership card system boost your cash flow today for future baskets, it is proven to increase customer activity and loyalty, and your Select Lite software can capture contact information for all your customers (name, address, email, mobile, etc.) for your marketing purposes. Your membership card can be designed with your club logo and contact details, putting a free advert in every customers' wallet reminding them to play more golf!

EPOS Integration

Your Select Lite system can also be integrated into your existing EPOS system, enabling a "one card does all" system at your club. Your customer will be able to buy a drink in the cafe, a pair of gloves in the pro shop and balls from the dispenser, all with the same club loyalty card. We have already integrated with many EPOS providers, a little liaison between their programmers and ours is all that is required.

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