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Product Image Golf Driving Range Mat Double Handed Combi System

Combi Mat Double Handed System

Part Number: RA-MT8570


Complete double handed combi mat system.

Our revolutionary combination mat systems are designed to offer a greater variety of playing experiences to your customer; to make a striking visual impact at your range; and to save you money by only replacing the parts of the mat that are worn.

An incredibly durable mat system that will withstand the heavy footfall of a busy driving range.

The jigsaw base system makes for more economical shipping and easier installation than the older style rubber crumb frames.

The double handed system can be used to accomodate left and right handed players.

Save money - buy as a complete system! Comprises of:

A. Frame Base (129 x 189cm)

B. Stance Mat (120 x 120cm)

C. Hitting Mats x 2 (120 x 30cm)

  • Dual Turf - low friction, short fibre driving range style mat
  • Winter Tee Turf - deep pile turf that will hold a tee and and allow play from the surface

D. D Shaped Ball Tray x 2