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Product Image Square Pattern Shoe Cleaner

Square Pattern Shoe Cleaner

Part Number: CA-AM7004


The New & Improved Square Pattern Shoe Cleaner from Amtech Course. We’ve kept all of the features you like and improved everything else.
  • We’ve kept the same high quality brushes, perfect for cleaning muddy spikes.
  • We’ve kept the same double grip handle for stability of use.
  • We’ve kept the same green powder coated steel construction, for strength and rust prevention.
  • We’ve designed a new improved boot scraper, which is now aligned with the brushes for a more stable platform and easier use.
  • We’ve ensured the boot scraper is kept within the footprint of the base, no blades sticking out dangerously.
  • We’ve added bolt holes in the base to fix the unit to floor, aiding stability and preventing members from wandering off with it.
  • Available with or without optional boot scrapers.
  • Spare brushes also available.