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Range Servant Automatic Tee Up


The RS Automatic Tee Up with feeder is a unique product that will, at once, increase ball sales while enhancing the customer's golfing experience.

Range Servant Automatic Tee Up

Proven to speed up play by 25-50%, range owners will notice the increased speed in which golfers finish their balls. This allows you to service more customers during busy periods, reduce waiting time and sell more buckets.

Golfers benefit from hitting ball after ball without re-gripping or bending down to tee up the next ball, aiding muscle memory and improving the learning process. It is also provides a golf friendly system for your elderly and disabled customers.

The simple to use design allows the golfer to quickly and easily adjust the tee to the perfect height by pressing the up and down button next to the screen, allowing for practice through the full range of clubs. The Range Servant Tee Up comes standard with the 100 ball capacity feeder hopper and requires only a level surface and a standard power outlet. Easy to install, it can be placed right on your existing tee-line. Simply drag the unit to your chosen location, plug in and play! No need to dig up your range, no temperamental hydraulics, no lengthy and expensive contracts.

Size: 1640 x 2222 x 1000mm

Weight: 120kg

Capacity: 100 balls.

Product: TJM0500

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