Range Servant Ball Tray Tee Up


An ingenious new Automatic Tee Up device from Range Servant, designed to minimise electronics and moving parts to deliver even greater reliability to your automatic tee up system.

Many customers have come to expect an automatic tee up system on the range; for your elderly or disabled customers it can be a necessity. It prevents repetitive bending, it allows them to maintain their stance and grip, it aids muscle memory, and it processes customers more quickly through your bays.

Range Servant have listened to what range operators have to say about their powered tee device experiences, and have come up with a solution so simple you'll wonder why no one thought of it before.

The customer pours their basket of up to 120 balls into the rubber ball tray and takes their stance. With the head of the club they tap the next ball along the groove and into the tee cup. This triggers the tee to automatically rise and tee up the ball. The height can be adjusted for different clubs simply by pressing the up and down buttons located next to the tray. Once the ball is hit, the tee pops down again and waits for the customer to tap in the next ball. Simple!


  • INSTALLATION: You do not need to dig holes in your range to locate our tee up units. They are free standing, you can move them around as often as you wish. All you need is a flat surface and a power supply.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Our units are universally left and right handed. If for example 4 x right and 1 x left hand units proves to be unsuitable after a few weeks, simply turn a unit around to make it opposite handed. You can adjust the angle of the base if you want to guide play down the middle of the range and away from the side fences.
  • PRACTICALITY: Our Tee Up stance mats are square to allow 4 x 90 degree rotation, extending the life of the mat. Other powered tee devices have rectangle mats, only allowing one turn.
  • RELIABILITY: It doesn’t look good on your range if there are always two or three broken powered tee up units. Range Servant tee ups are reliable and easy to maintain.
  • RUNNING COSTS: A lot can change for your business in just a few years. We do not tie you into endless leasing agreements. We do not tie you in to any service and mat contracts. You have complete freedom to do as you please.
  • SUPPORT: Our units are supported by our own team of full time dedicated specialist engineers, not external subcontractors. If you need us, we will be there.


Product: BOC0000

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