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Product Image Range Servant Ball Washer BT 1950 (24,000 Balls)

Range Servant Ball Washer BT 1950 (24,000 Balls)

Part Number: RS220000


The Range Servant BT-1950 is intended for high volume ranges with a washing capacity of 24,000 balls per hour.

Range Servant BT Ball Washers are famous worldwide for being one of the most reliable washers in the market. Manufactured with hot-dip galvanizing iron base frame, the BT washer is equipped with a powerful drive motor and only one moving part. Without any failure-prone couplings and belts the yearly maintenance is reduced to one procedure, changing the brush. Patent pending. Range Servant BT Ball Washers take a ball-friendly approach by using fresh water pre-spray and concentrated jet-rinse to ensure clean range balls without the unnecessary use of detergents. The Range Servant BT Ball Washer comes with an 1,000 balls standard ball feed hopper.

1. Jam proof!

2. No track system

3. Fresh water pre-spray and rinse

4. Powerful drive motors

5. Fully galvanized

6. 100% of brush used

7. Direct drive design

Both BT Washers can work as a stand alone unit, be fed by the Soaker 4000 or be a part of a Ball Management System.

If extra capacity is required, a 3000 capacity XL-Hopper is available.

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