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The Microline Collection from Range Servant

The Microline Collection is a new range of ball management equipment from the world number one manufacturer Range Servant.

Designed for the smaller range, essential for the start-up range, the Microline Collection brings you all the essential ball management tools together at an affordable price. Aimed at bringing efficiency to your range, the Microline components make light work of manual tasks, allowing you to concentrate on customer service, earning money and growing your business.

Our ball picker is a lightweight yet robust worker, measuring in at just under two metres wide allowing easy indoor storage, but with a deceptively large ball capacity. The two gang, four basket configuration will hold over 1,600 balls, compared to 1,500 balls from most three gang, six basket collectors, making for a more efficient pick run. It can be connected to almost any vehicle, and it's upfront inline design makes for complete 360° rotation, easy reversing, no jack knifing, no driving over your own baskets. For the money, this is the most cost effective ball collector solution available today, and it's certainly more economical and efficient than paying someone to collect by hand.

The ball washer is more of the same, the automation of an essential but labour intensive task: removing mud and grass from your ball stock. No frills, no fuss, just reliable service. Working on a cylindrical brush, the steel spiral drives the balls around the bristles for a full 360° clean, allowing smaller stones and half balls to fall through the tracks and out of harms way.

The Microline 8 ball dispenser is an excellent, customer facing unit that does exactly what you need, reliably vending balls to your customers. Feature laden, it can offer three different basket sizes, easily programmable, and can accept a variety of payment systems, including cash, tokens, digicards and SOLO contactless cards. Not only does it perform this task with no fuss, it can even help you to put money in the till and generate customer loyalty by accepting prepaid membership cards.

If you are looking to replace your ball management equipment on a smaller range, looking to start up a range business, or converting your practice area into a range facility for your members, talk to us now about how Microline can help you.